Leisure Education

Leisure education provides valuable insight into leisure, recreation, hobbies, and pursuits to gain an understanding of leisure and its meaning to us in our current lifestyles as well as the ins and outs of accessing the opportunites.

leisure archetypes

Leisure Archetypes: Personality & Leisure Activities

Leisure archetypes refer to the patterns of behaviour and preference that characterize how individuals engage in leisure activities.

Guard your mind and leisure

Guard Your Mind And Leisure

The quality of our leisure time can significantly influence our mental health and overall wellness, so guard your mind and leisure. 

The Impact Of Life Stages And Leisure Pursuits

Our priorities and preferences change depending on our life stage, leading to other leisure pursuits. The impact of life stages and leisure pursuits helps us to plan the best way to meet our needs as we move through each stage.

Leisure Counselling Enhances Wellbeing

A specialized field called leisure counselling/education has emerged, which acknowledges the therapeutic value of leisure activities and aligns them with individual preferences and needs to promote health. 

Leisure Denial And The Impact On Your Wellness

Leisure denial, while the concept may seem counterintuitive in an era that ostensibly values work life balance, many of us willingly sacrifice leisure time due to various pressures.

Leisure Counselling And A Better You

The role of leisure goes beyond mere relaxation and entertainment; it is a critical component of our overall wellbeing. This is where leisure counselling plays a pivotal role.

Leisure Warriors

Leisure warriors skillfully combine their passions and leisure pursuits with a lifestyle that allows them to thrive outside traditional work paradigms. 

Your Leisure Story

We all have different ways of enjoying our free time, from tranquil activities that soothe the soul to exhilarating pursuits that get our blood pumping. What is your leisure story?

Embrace Boredom with Leisure Activities

In a world constantly buzzing with activity, to embrace boredom may seem frustrating. The opportunity for self reflection and creativity emerges within these quieter moments. 

How Sleeping Hand Placement Enhances A Balanced Lifestyle

By closely examining the relationship between sleeping hand placement and a balanced lifestyle, you can make small yet meaningful changes to your sleep habits that will benefit you in the long term.

Leisure Activities And Why The Act of Working With Your Hands Calms

The restorative power of working with your hands is an essential human experience andis a direct line to mindfulness, grounding us in the present and allowing the mind to rest from the relentless flow of thoughts.

The Benefits Of Kite Flying For Health

One of the key benefits of kite flying for health is its ability to reduce stress. When flying a kite, you focus on the task at hand and let go of the worries and stresses of daily life.