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When you find your leisure passion, everything becomes more manageable. You know that what you do is what matters to you most. Leisure time, recreation, hobbies and activities are the path to your joy and your fullfilment.

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Am I Satisfied With My Leisure Quiz

Take a quick quiz to see if you are satisfied with your leisure time.

Why Leisure Is Important In People’s Lives? 

Leisure time looks different to everyone, but we all agree leisure is important as it adds energy and flavor to our individual lives and is an important aspect.

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12 Ways Singing Boosts Health

Singing is a leisure activity that people of all ages and backgrounds have enjoyed for centuries and there are 12 ways singing boosts health and well being.

Can Leisure Activities and Hobbies Be Harmful?

A question debated for years, can leisure activities and hobbies be harmful with some arguing that too much leisure time can lead to laziness and a lack of productivity, while others believe they are essential to health and well being.

10 Relaxing Leisure Activities For Mother’s Day

When looking for ideas to treat your mother, there are plenty of leisure activities that can make Mother’s Day memorable.

Which Sport Requires the Most Fitness? 

While there is no definitive answer, several sports are known to be highly demanding in terms of physical fitness.

Empowerment Through Leisure Activities

Empowerment through leisure activities refers to increasing personal or social power and control by participating in diverse recreational pursuits.

Team Vs. Individual Sports For Kids

Team sports allow children to learn the importance of collaboration and communication. Individual sports allow kids to develop their unique skills and talents. The ideal is a balance between team vs. individual sports for kids.