Am I Satisfied With My Leisure Quiz

  • Time to read: 1 min.

Looking to see if your satisfied with your leisure? If yes, then take the quiz below to help you determine your leisure satisfaction.


Read each statement.

If you agree with the statement, place an “X” in the “AGREE” column.

If you disagree with the statement, place an “X” in the “DISAGREE” column.

1.  I am excited to begin each day
2.  I am unable to work
3.  I crave companionship
4.  I feel I do not contribute to life
5.  I feel physically and emotionally bad most days
6.  I have no one to share my thoughts with
7.  I would rather be older or younger
8.  Most of my days are a challenge
9.  My life is worse as I age
10.  Sleep does not come easy due to my worry
11.  The work I do comes easily to me
12.  I am grateful for each day
13.  I am having the best time in my life
14.  I consider myself poor
15.  I feel joy each and every day
16.  I have a few people I know to say hi to
17.  I would like more joy in my life
18.  My days are boring
19.  My schedule is full
20.  Time alone with myself gets me down
21.  I am spiritual, not religious
22.  I feel useless
23.  I worry about things every day
24.  Life is very lonely
25.  The joy in my life is the same as when I was young
26.  People are not helpful
27.  I feel I contribute to life
28.  I have more free time than work
29.  I wonder what others see in living
30.  My life story is sad
31.  I wake up with a purpose and go for it
32.  I feel tired and worn out
33.  Life is hard as I age
34.  My life is not fulfilling
35.  There are fewer reasons to get out of bed in the morning