About Us

Ever wonder who the people behind the scenes are? Here is a little about us and leisure answers.

As a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with 20 plus years of experience working with all populations, I have been privileged to assist others as a therapist, speaker, leisure educator, and consultant within healthcare facilities, as well as working with a variety of individuals in the community.

I believe in the power of leisure in helping each of us to grow, providing the opportunities to be who we indeed are in all things, to enjoy and be fulfilled. Leisure meets our emotional, physical, spiritual, social wellness bringing pure joy and acceptance to our life.

I utilize my leisure time to assist with negative thoughts, physical challenges, social and spiritual connections that are deeply meaningful to me.

The leisure pursuits I engage in are many, however I find my true self and creativity in meditation, biking, gardening, walking in nature, comedy movies, and writing.

Now that you know about us, join me on this journey to discover your leisure passions and how leisure enhances your life.

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