Leisure Pursuits

There are multiple leisure pursuits to engage in.  The recreational opportunities and hobbies available are endless no matter your age or interest.

Swimming For Men Over 50

Swimming For Men Over 50 is a sport with timeless appeal, and its benefits are especially relevant for men
looking to maintain or improve their fitness.

Book Clubs For Men Over 50

Book clubs for men over 50 is a great way to explore literature, share ideas, and engage with fellow readers. For men over 50, joining a book club can be an enriching experience, providing intellectual stimulation, a sense of community, and social engagement.

Staycation for Couples3

Staycation For Couples: Enhancing Romance Close to Home

A staycation for couples can strengthen bonds as you step away from everyday stresses and engage in activities you love or have always wanted to try. It is an intimate and cost effective alternative to traditional vacations that don’t compromise on the essence of escapism and relaxation.

Backyard Camping: Create A Home Adventure

Backyard camping offers an accessible and convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving home. Whether you’re introducing your children to the adventure of camping or just taking a break from the buzz of technology and the indoors, turning your backyard into a campsite is a simple joy that anyone can experience.

DIY Retreat At Home: Crafting Your Oasis

Creating a do-it-yourself or DIY retreat at home requires transforming your living space into a sanctuary for health, relaxation, and self care without stepping outside your doorstep.

Ultimate Guide Of 55 Free Things To Do In Red Deer

From picturesque parks and trails to cultural experiences and seasonal festivals, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Explore 55 free things to do in Red Deer, ensuring your visit is filled with fun, adventure, and memorable experiences, all without breaking the bank.

Ultimate Guide Of 55 Free Things To Do In Grande Prairie

Welcome to the ultimate guide of 55 free things to do in Grande Prairie, where adventure and frugality go hand in hand. Nestled in the heart of Alberta’s Peace Region, Grande Prairie offers a treasure trove of activities. Whether you are a local looking to explore your hometown without breaking the bank or a traveller seeking to experience the city’s charm, this guide is your perfect companion.

Ultimate Guide Of 55 Free Things To Do In Lethbridge

Our list of 55 free things to do in Lethbridge ensures you can experience the City’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes while keeping your budget intact. 

Ultimate Guide Of 55 Free Things To Do In Edmonton

The city’s offerings are as diverse as they are accessible, ensuring you can experience Edmonton’s unique charm on any budget. Here are 55 free things to do in Edmonton.

Ultimate Guide Of 55 Free Things To Do In Calgary

Experiencing a city does not need to cost a lot. Individuals, families, and tourists can explore a city’s attractions while keeping their expenses low. Here are 55 Free Things To Do In Calgary.

Materials For Creating A Kite

The materials for creating a kite can vary depending on your desired type. However, you will need basic materials: kite paper or fabric, bamboo sticks or dowels, string or kite line, glue, scissors, and a ruler.

Buying A Kite To Fly 

Kite flying is a time honoured activity that spans cultures and generations, providing joy and relaxation to anyone looking toward the sky with a colourful canvas. Creating or buying a kite to fly combines the pleasures of being outdoors with the excitement of sending a lightweight structure soaring above a perfect leisure activity.