Leisure Growth

Leisure growth is a process that requires each of us to look at who we truly are physically, emotionally, and spiritually to help us live our best lives.

Burn Calories With Leisure Activities

From dancing to running, many leisure activities can help you burn calories, stay fit and healthy while having a good time. 

Dreams and Leisure: How They Relate

Dreams and leisure are distinct phenomena: dreams inspire new ideas and experiences, while leisure provides the time to pursue them.

Motivation, Inspiration And Leisure Lifestyle

Motivation is a push factor while inspiration is more of an internal pull factor and there are many linkages between motivation, inspiration and leisure lifestyle.

6 Types of Meditation to Calm

Meditation assists with the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings.


Amazing Benefits of Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy, a leisure activity, uses books to help people resolve or manage their issues.

Humor Positively Shapes Emotions

Laughter offsets the adverse effects of stress on the body and mind.

The Five Senses

Heightened Senses: Dealing With Sensory Overload

Many people who have heightened senses feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, confused, and disoriented.

The Connection Between Sleep And Hand Placement

The meaning of hand placement while you sleep and your character is engaging

What Do Most Retirees Do With Their Time?

While every retiree is different, there are some commonalities in how retired people spend their time.

The Effects of Living Alone on Your Body

Living alone does have benefits, such as increased privacy and freedom, but there is also the darker side of living alone, which impacts your physical and mental health.  One of the most significant issues associated with living alone is that…

Forest Bathing To Reduce Stress

Forest bathing is like stepping away from our daily routine and be in nature restoring energy levels, refreshing and rejuvenating us.

Death Anniversary Of Losing A Special Someone

The death anniversary of losing a special someone is a time to remember and reflect, but how do people get through these challenging days, and what do they do to observe the day?