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Values clarification exercises can be a helpful way to identify and prioritize what is most important to us in life. By taking the time to reflect on our values, we can gain a greater sense of clarity and direction, which can help us make more intentional choices in our leisure time.

Our guide How Values Clarification and Leisure Connect provides you with an in depth dive into how reviewing your values and exploring the leisure pursuits you engage can enhance your life.


  • Review the values below and identify the top 5 that you believe best represents who you are currently.
  • Rank the 5 values that you chose from 1-5. One being the most important value you hold.
  • Create a list of 6 leisure activities you participate in weekly.
  • Reflect on your answers with yourself, loved ones and friends.
  • Questions to ask yourself and discuss with others: Which of the 5 values I chose are reflected in my leisure activities? Are there other leisure pursuits I could explore that would better reflect my values?
  • If you would like to set up a time to discuss your values and leisure activities with a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist please send an email to and place in the subject line Values Clarification. My fee is $80 per hour.


A basic values clarification exercise to determine ones values and find leisure activities that reflect those values.
AccountabilityTaking responsibility for one's actions and being answerable for the consequences
AchievementStriving for excellence and reaching personal goals
AdaptabilityBeing able to adjust to new situations and changes
AdventureSeeking new experiences and taking risks
AltruismSelflessly helping others without expecting anything in return
AmbitionHaving a strong desire to achieve success and make a difference
AuthenticityBeing true to oneself and genuine in interactions with others
BalanceMaintaining a healthy balance between different aspects of life
BeautyAppreciating and creating beauty in the world
Being the bestStriving to be the best in one's field or area of expertise
BelongingFeeling a sense of connection and acceptance with others
CareerPursuing a fulfilling and rewarding professional path
CaringShowing concern and empathy towards others
CollaborationWorking together with others towards a common goal
CommitmentBeing dedicated and loyal to a cause or goal
CommunityValuing and contributing to the well-being of one's community
CompassionShowing kindness and understanding towards others
CompetencePossessing the necessary knowledge and skills to perform well in a given area
ConfidenceBelieving in oneself and one's abilities
ConnectionBuilding and maintaining meaningful relationships with others
ContentmentBeing satisfied and at peace with one's life
ContributionMaking a positive impact and contributing to the greater good
CooperationWorking together harmoniously with others
CourageFacing challenges and difficulties with bravery and determination
CreativityExpressing oneself through imagination and original ideas
CuriosityHaving a strong desire to learn and explore
DignityShowing respect and honor towards oneself and others
DiversityValuing and embracing differences in people and ideas
EnvironmentProtecting and preserving the natural world
EfficiencyUsing resources effectively and efficiently
EqualityTreating all individuals with fairness and justice
EthicsHaving a set of moral principles and following them in all aspects of life
ExcellencePursuing the highest standards of quality and performance
FairnessTreating others impartially and without bias
FaithBelieving in something greater than oneself
FamilyValuing and prioritizing family relationships
Financial stabilityMaintaining a healthy and secure financial situation
ForgivenessLetting go of anger and resentment towards others
FreedomHaving the ability to make choices and live without constraints
FriendshipValuing and maintaining close relationships with others
FunEnjoying life and having a sense of humor
Future generationsConsidering the impact of actions on future generations
GenerosityGiving freely and generously to others
Giving backContributing to the well-being of others and the community
GraceShowing kindness and compassion towards others
GratitudeBeing thankful and appreciative for what one has
GrowthContinuously learning and improving oneself
HarmonyFinding balance and peace in relationships and life
HealthMaintaining physical and mental well-being
HomeCreating a comfortable and welcoming living environment
HonestyBeing truthful and transparent in interactions with others
HopeBelieving in a positive future and having optimism
HumilityHaving a modest and humble attitude towards oneself
HumorSeeing the lighter side of life and situations
InclusionEmbracing diversity and including all individuals
IndependenceHaving the ability to think and act for oneself
InitiativeTaking action and being proactive in achieving goals
IntegrityAdhering to a strong moral and ethical code
IntuitionTrusting one's instincts and inner guidance
Job securityHaving a stable and secure professional situation
JoyExperiencing happiness and pleasure in life
JusticeUpholding fairness and equality for all individuals
KindnessBeing considerate and compassionate towards others
KnowledgeSeeking and acquiring information and understanding
LeadershipGuiding and inspiring others towards a common goal
LearningContinuously acquiring new knowledge and skills
LegacyLeaving a positive mark on the world for future generations
LeisureEnjoying free time and recreational activities
LoveFeeling and expressing affection towards others
LoyaltyBeing faithful and committed to others
Making a differenceContributing to positive change in the world
NatureAppreciating and protecting the natural world
OpennessBeing receptive to new ideas and perspectives
OptimismHaving a positive outlook and attitude
OrderCreating and maintaining a sense of structure and organization
ParentingRaising and nurturing children with love and guidance
PatienceHaving the ability to wait calmly and endure difficulties
PatriotismLoving and supporting one's country and its values
PeaceFinding inner and outer harmony and tranquility
PerseverancePersisting through challenges and obstacles
Personal fulfillmentAchieving satisfaction and happiness in one's life
PowerHaving the ability to influence and make a difference
PrideFeeling a sense of accomplishment and self-respect
RecognitionAcknowledging and appreciating the achievements of oneself and others
ReliabilityBeing dependable and trustworthy
ResourcefulnessFinding creative solutions to problems
RespectTreating others with dignity and honor
ResponsibilityBeing accountable for one's actions and decisions
Risk-takingBeing willing to take calculated risks
SafetyEnsuring the well-being and security of oneself and others
SecurityHaving a sense of safety and stability
Self-disciplineHaving the ability to control one's behavior and impulses
Self-expressionExpressing oneself creatively and authentically
Self-respectTreating oneself with dignity and respect
SerenityFinding peace and tranquility in life
ServiceHelping others and making a positive impact in the world
SimplicityEmbracing a simple and uncomplicated life
SpiritualityConnecting with a higher power or inner self
SportsmanshipPlaying fair and respecting opponents in sports and competition
StewardshipTaking care of and responsibly managing resources
SuccessAchieving personal and professional goals
TeamworkCollaborating with others towards a common goal
ThriftBeing economical and avoiding waste
TimeValuing and making the most of one's time
TraditionHonoring and preserving cultural or historical practices
TravelExploring new places and cultures
TrustHaving faith in oneself and others
TruthBeing honest and truthful in all communications
UnderstandingSeeking to understand and empathize with others
UniquenessEmbracing and celebrating one's individuality
UsefulnessContributing to the well-being and usefulness of others
VisionHaving a clear and inspiring vision for the future
VulnerabilityBeing open and honest about one's emotions and vulnerabilities
WealthAchieving financial security and abundance
Well-beingAchieving and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health
WholeheartednessFully committing oneself to a task or goal
WisdomPossessing a deep understanding and knowledge of life and the world
EmpathyUnderstanding and sharing the feelings of others
GraciousnessShowing kindness and courtesy towards others, even in difficult situations
GratefulnessBeing thankful and appreciative for what one has
InnovationCreating new ideas and solutions
MindfulnessBeing aware and present in the moment
Respect for others' opinions and beliefsValuing and respecting the diversity of opinions and beliefs
Responsibility for one's actionsBeing accountable for one's actions and decisions
Self-awarenessHaving a clear understanding of one's own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Self-careTaking care of one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being
SelflessnessPutting the needs of others before one's own
Sensitivity to others' needsBeing aware and considerate of the needs of others
ToleranceAccepting and respecting differences in people and ideas
TrustworthinessBeing dependable and trustworthy

Now that you know your top values take our quiz Am I Satisfied With My Leisure Quiz to determine your leisure satisfaction.

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