Powerful Healing Frequencies

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Our hearing is the most acute sense we have, we can hear sounds from as low as 20 hertz to as high as 20,000 hertz. Using different tones and powerful healing frequencies sound can be used to target specific areas within our body, such as the nervous system or the immune system to heal or strengthen them.

Powerful Healing Frequencies Are Unique To You

The frequency of sound waves creates tones and pitches which are perceived differently by each person depending on their ear structure. These tones and sounds resonate through you and have been shown to help with physical and mental conditions.

A beginning reference to understand frequencies and tones is to look at your body’s natural frequency and build from there. The earth has a magnetic field protecting all living things and has a frequency of around 7.83 Hz, and the human body has a frequency of 4 when sitting and 7.5 Hz when standing. So, listening to a tone at 4 – 7.5 Hz. is dangerous as this is the resonating frequency of the body’s organs and may cause disruption to the natural flow and energy balance within the body, causing functional issues of the organs.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio Frequencies are an ancient music system used for thousands of years to heal the physical body and raise spiritual awareness in humankind. The original purpose behind Solfeggio was to keep man connected with his divine source or God.

There is nothing more powerful than sound and frequency because everyone can quickly feel and experience the sound. Have you had the experience of a song playing or someone singing, and you got goose bumps?  These goose bumps are the sound reverberating within your body.

The Solfeggio frequencies were the basic notes of Gregorian chants that early Roman Christians used to raise vibrations and energy. These frequencies are used today and have been associated with the healing of oneself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

IssueHealing Frequency
Reduce fear and guilt396 Hz.
Help to facilitate change417 Hz.
DNA repair, miracles and love528 Hz.
Relationship and reconnecting639 Hz.
Expressing self and finding solutions741 Hz.
Return to Spiritual Order852 Hz.
Healing Frequency Chart

Chakras In Hertz

Healing frequencies have also been matched to the chakra locations within our bodies.

Stimulating the chakras is possible by listening to the corresponding frequency, which will help you balance your energy field. Interestingly, there is a frequency increase from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Higher and stronger frequencies do not mean they are better; each frequency resonates to provide balance. Balance is the key to all things.

Root Chakra396 Hz.
Sacral Chakra417 Hz.
Heart Chakra528 Hz.
Solar Plexus Chakra639 Hz.
Throat Chakra741 Hz.
Third Eye Chakra852 Hz.
Crown Chakra963 Hz.
Chakra and Healing Frequency Chart

What Hertz. Is Everyday Music Played At?

Throughout history, music has been played at various Hz. and was a consideration for the composers of that time: Beethoven, Schumann, and Rachmaninov. 

Today, commercially produced music is tuned to 440 Hz. which is the current adopted standard. Composers of today’s music still consider the Hz in which they will play their masterpiece; however, the 440 Hz tuning was accepted in 1955 as the standard. Music tuned to this frequency is easy to listen to, and it is clearer and brighter, so the listener does not need to turn up the volume to hear, so this frequency helps reduce hearing damage in people.

The 440 Hz frequency has been labeled as Satan’s Tone and The Lucifierian Frequency due to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister and one of the most hated men in modern history. He insisted music be played at a 440 Hz frequency as he believed this frequency would allow people to think and act in a certain way. Fact or fiction is the debate today about the 440 Hz frequency, with proponents on both sides.

The 440 Hz frequency is the note “A” above middle “C” on a piano. This note has been used as a standard tuning note in the west since 1834. It is said that it was first used in an Italian opera, and then disseminated throughout Europe by various musicians.

There are those who say that the 440 Hz tuning note is harmful, and should be replaced with a different frequency. They claim that this note creates disharmony which can lead to negative effects on our health and well-being. There are also those who claim that the 440 Hz tuning note is actually beneficial, and can help to promote relaxation and healing. They say that this frequency can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and can also promote better sleep.

While there is no concrete evidence that the 440 Hz frequency is harmful, there is also no concrete evidence that it is beneficial. It seems that more research is needed in order to determine whether or not this frequency has any real effect on our health and well-being.

Are There Lower Frequencies? Yes, lower frequencies are known as binaural beats.

Binaural Beats

These lower beats are designed to affect brain waves to place you in a specific brain pattern:

Binaural Beats Chart

Binaural beats are beats are created from two tones that are less than 1500 Hz.  The two tones are then separated by no greater than 40Hz. Headphones are the best way to listen to binaural beats so that one tone is heard separately by each ear. When heard separately, each tone is gathered in the inferior colliculus, the part of the brain that gathers auditory input from the ears, and the person listening will hear a third tone or auditory illusion.

The theory is that once the auditory input has been gathered, the neurons throughout the brain begin to send electrical messages at the same rate as the imaginary beat changing your brain pattern to delta, theta, alpha or beta.

Binaural beats are recommended by many to improve your brain’s motor functions and help with focus, clarity, relaxation, and some say you can get a high from listening to the beats. Others state there is no effect on the brain at all.  As headphones are utilized, ensure the volume is less than 85 decibels to avoid hearing loss.

Some of the most popular frequencies include:

  • 7.83 Hz – This frequency is known as the “Schumann resonance”, and it is said to be the natural frequency of the Earth. Proponents claim that this frequency can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and can also promote better sleep.
  • 10 Hz – This frequency is said to be helpful in treating depression and anxiety. It is also claimed that this frequency can help to improve cognitive function and memory.
  • 20 Hz – This frequency is said to be beneficial for wound healing, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. It is also claimed that this frequency can help to improve circulation and boost the immune system.

Remember that the lowest Hz humans can hear is around 20 Hz. Therefore to hear lower sounds, the volume would need to be turned up very loud, be careful.

Which is Better For Healing Binaural Beats Or Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats are two methods of relaxation and healing, but which one is better? They both have their benefits.

Solfeggio frequencies are typically higher in pitch than binaural beats. These frequencies can be played through speakers or headphones so that you can listen to them anytime. On the other hand, binaural beats are lower in pitch and must be listened to with headphones to create the auditory illusion of a different tone from each ear’s two tones. Wearing headphones makes it impossible to hear anything else around you while listening.

As it is an individual experience, you will need to try each out. 

For me, I prefer Solfeggio frequencies.  I find the sound resonates within me in a calmer and meaningful way to allow me to become my best self. Research agrees with my claim that sound therapy can heal various ailments.

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