Are Salt Lamps Beneficial?

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If you’ve ever gone to get a massage or done any type of meditation in a public space, you’ve probably noticed a salt lamp or two in the room. What you might not know is that they are not just there for decoration. They were put there for a particular purpose.

Benefits Of Salt Lamps

There are several benefits associated with the use of salt lamps.

For me, a salt lamp allows me to feel more at ease in virtually any type of situation. That’s why they’re frequently used in places where people meditate or in massage facilities, as they tend to help you relax. Going into a room that is slightly darker than average where a salt lamp is can decrease feelings of anxiety.

There are research studies that have been completed stating salt lamps are beneficial, and many people who have utilized a salt lamp say that it has helped them with:

  • Raising energy levels
  • Enhancing breathing
  • Detoxifying the air
  • Improving sleep

Benefits Of Meditating With A Salt Lamp

For those who have been doing it for a while, meditation becomes as natural as breathing.

It isn’t at all uncommon for someone who’s only been meditating for a short time to find that they genuinely need to meditate daily to keep a certain level of calmness in their life.

Since the salt lamp helps rid the area of negative energy and brings in positive energy, it may help you take your meditation routine to the next level.

To learn more about meditation, click this link 6 Types of Meditation to Calm

Help With Anxiety

No one likes feeling anxious, but if you deal with anxiety regularly, you know that it can be debilitating.

Feeling anxious isn’t just uncomfortable. It can completely derail every other aspect of your life, making you feel as if you’re spiraling out of control.

Using a salt lamp to help keep those feelings in check might help you better deal with that anxiety.

The fact that the light clears negative energy and attracts positive energy can help curb your anxiety by merely being in the room.

It’s one more tool that you can use to help deal with those feelings more effectively.

Coping With Depression

Just as the salt lamp can help you deal with stress and anxiety, it can also help you if you’re feeling depressed.

Many times anxiety, fear, and depression go hand in hand.

They tend to feed on one another, and before you know it, it’s like pouring fuel onto a fire, your anxiety is high, your fearful and the depression you feel weighs heavier.

A salt lamp can positively disrupt this cycle, effectively allowing you to get a handle on your feelings of depression.

It’s essential to do the necessary energy work just as you would go to the gym to stay in shape. Using the salt lamp is an integral part of that routine.

Check out this blog to see other tools to help with depression; Grounding Techniques for Thoughts and Triggers

Beat Stress

Everyone has stress at one time or another. It’s impossible to cut stress out of your life completely, but it isn’t impossible to learn how to deal with it more effectively.

If you’re feeling stressed, go ahead and use a salt lamp. You might decide to put several of them throughout the house to keep things in balance. When the area around you is more balanced, it automatically becomes more manageable for your feelings to become more balanced as well.

The positive and negative stress article will help you understand more about stress and how a salt lamp would be a great tool to cope with stress. The Stress Equation.

Be More Mindful

Mindfulness is crucial when it comes to staying healthy.

Your physical health and your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are vitally important as one affects the other. If you are having difficulties mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, odds are some aspect of your physical health is compromised as well.

When you’re practicing mindfulness, you are purposefully changing your thought patterns to something more helpful to your well being. When your thought patterns change to something more useful, how you feel about things changes, and you create more positive energy around you.

Using a salt lamp can make this process more manageable, and it might help in keeping the area clear of negative energy in the future.

Make Sure It’s a True Salt Lamp

One of the things you do want to look out for is the type of salt lamp you purchase. Make sure that it is a genuine Himalayan salt lamp.

A salt lamp is a salt, so if it does not taste salty, it isn’t a salt lamp.

A salt lamp attracts moisture, and between its general operating and you cleaning the surface, the salt of the light will deteriorate over time, as it should.

When you receive your lamp or are buying one in person, the salt does rub off when you touch it.

The light produce by a salt lamp is subtle and does not light up the room. It offers a general ambience.

The shape of the salt lamp is not perfectly symmetrical and smooth as it is a piece of salt.  

Buying your light from a trusted manufacturer and working with a vendor you know you can trust will help you achieve that goal.

Generally, Himalayan salt lamps do cost a bit more, but as with anything in life, some will increase the price of a salt lamp to make you think it’s real, so carefully look at the packaging and make sure that it is a genuine Himalayan salt lamp.

A final way to tell if it is a pure salt lamp is that you feel and see the benefits of it. For me, I know the salt lamp I have is real. 

When the bulb burns out, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it, I notice the air in my living room feels heavy, and I am more agitated than average.

Sometimes it takes me a few days to figure out why === the salt lamp is not on silly, replace the bulb. I replace the bulb, and within twenty-four hours, I notice once again the air is lighter, and my agitation has calmed.

Caring For Your Salt Lamp

One of the best things about salt lamps, aside from the way they can make you feel, is that the care is incredibly easy.

If you think of your salt shaker, sometimes you will see that the salt forms hard lumps. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture.

The lamp brings positive energy to your environment, and to avoid condensation building up on the salt, leaving them on 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a good thing.

When it comes time to clean, all you need to do is gently wipe the surface with a slightly damp rag. Remember to unplug the lamp when you wipe it down as you want to remain safe.

Please ensure your lamp is placed in a location that is safe from animals and small children who may be tempted to lick the salt lamp as to much salt from licking the lamp may make them sick.

 Aside from that, sit back, allowing the salt lamp to work silently in the background.

It’s essential to employ a salt lamp in your home or place of business. It will make all the difference in the world when it comes to feeling more balanced and creating a positive environment for those you care about and for yourself.  

Once you’ve used a salt lamp for a while, you will find its one of the most natural things you can do to be happier and feel more at ease. You certainly have nothing to lose, and you might have a great deal to gain.

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