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What really sets apart those who are successful in their personal lives, relationships, and careers from those who are not? Many people believe it has to do with natural intelligence or talent. They think that some people have a head start on success due to these qualities.

However, this is not the case – What seperates the best from the rest is mindset.

You Are Enough: Growth Mindset

You can alter your mindset through meditation and mindfulness practices, which means that anyone can become more successful if they put in the time and effort needed for change.

“You are enough.” This sentence touches deeply inside and means a lot to someone who doesn’t believe in themself.

I thought that I wasn’t enough for a long time, and my life was filled with pain and sadness with spots of happiness. I was trapped there, unable to find a path out to become what I daydreamed about daily.

A growth mindset is all about self-confidence and appreciating the good you have in your life, in loving and accepting yourself, even if things are not what you wish and you would prefer they were different or improved. In a growth mindset, you can become more intelligent by learning and developing your skills instead of having no control of your intelligence or feeling trapped because it’s just fixed and unchanging.

What Does To Be Enough, You Are Enough Mean?

Am I enough for my friends? Am I enough for my family? Am I enough to be a good person? If I do everything for someone, am I enough? When you have the right mindset, your questions of what is enough, am I enough, begin to fade, and the questions of enough expand into looking at the true you. You can acknowledge, revel and explore yourself in new and exciting ways. 

Your world view of yourself changes to encompass the truth of yourself: 

  • I am smart.
  • I’m curious.
  • I’m creative and constantly learning new things every day because I’m not afraid of challenges!
  • I’m worth making mistakes now so that I will grow. 
  • I can be the true me, and I can accept others, too. 
  • I am learning and growing! I am enough.

How To Develop A Growth Mindset

Start by acknowleding what you are already good at and find your strengths. Focusing on our weaknesses can lead to self-doubt and shame, which is not productive. Think about things in terms of possibilities and visualize the future and what you want to achieve.

Learn something new or do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, scares you a bit but excites you. Maybe the change you take is small or large. Understand that habits and change is difficult but with planned movement it is possible

Remember, you are not perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can not improve yourself. The growth mindset is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Growth is possible for all, irrespective of age or wealth; it’s never too late to take action.

You will only grow if you acknowledge where you’re at now and then take action for the future. There will be challenges, but that’s not always a bad thing because it creates growth. After all, life is a series of positives and negatives, changing who we are and what we believe. So it’s essential to persevere through those difficult times.

We all have a story,  a story that starts with you and ends with the future. A growth mindset is all about walking through our beliefs, changing them when they no longer serve us, and embracing the challenges in our path to grow.

Face Your Fear

Learning from our experiences helps us become stronger and more confident people who know what’s possible and live better lives. Yes, most of us need to go through the same experience many times before learning from it, but the essential aspect is that we are growing.

If we’re always looking for the next challenge, we’ll be able to find happiness and success around every corner. I would love to see a world where we all believe we are enough and didn’t judge another. It is a defense mechanism when people judge another, but we don’t need to be defensive or judge.

I did not always have a growth mindset, and now that I practice having a growth mindset daily it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life so far.

You are enough!!! I am enough!!!!!! If you’re doing something just because someone else expects it of you, don’t worry about what they think – that’s on them! You are enough!!!!

Ways To Help You Change Your Mindset

1. Deep breathing and meditation

To clear out any unwanted thoughts, so it’s easier to make decisions, take five minutes, and complete a round of deep breathing every day.  Alternatively, you could do a light form of meditation such as a walking meditation where you walk in nature while listening closely to what you are feeling within at that moment.

2. Start a gratitude journal

I jot down notes in a gratitude journal every night to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished that day. I write down at least three things, big or small, for which I am grateful.

If you do not enjoy writing or journaling, visually write and review three things you are thankful for before sleep. When you have a bad day and feel like your world is not a good place, find three things to be grateful for, no matter how small or large.

Over time, expressing your gratitude will positively impact your mood, energy level, and willingness to get up and go again.

3. Tell someone thank you

Become more appreciative of the people in your life by saying thank you to a person. There is always someone to thank throughout our day.

4. Create a mood board

If you are inspired by visual reminders and are creative, a mood board will help your mindset. Mood boards are great because they can be updated to reflect what’s currently going on in your life. You can make one with pictures, quotes, or anything else that makes you happy or helps you recall and remember the things that make you happy.

5. Recognize your accomplishments

You might be thinking, “What have I done lately?” The answer is everything. Think about all of the little tasks or projects you accomplished today or over the last week and give yourself credit.

6. Make time for yourself to do things you enjoy

This is important to do. When we are busy, finding time for ourselves can be tricky, especially when we are busy. However, to embrace the joy uniquely within you, finding this time will help your mindset greatly, making you more successful, especially in those busy times.

Change Is Not Easy

We like to be comfortable knowing what will happen daily until one day we take a look at ourselves and wonder why we keep repeating the same old conversations, have the same feelings about ourselves, and now desire something different.

Yet, life itself is constantly changing. No place in the world offers summer all year long. Instead, there are four seasons throughout the year, each offering a unique set of conditions, and some seasons we enjoy more than others. Each season, we are grateful for some aspect that surrounds us, whether it is the different colors of the landscape or the activities we do.

Growth and change are inevitable, and embracing a growth mindset will help us know, feel and believe we are enough and become successful.

Final Thought

I am enough, learning and growing everyday.

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