Monetize Your Leisure Hobbies

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We all have the potential to make extra money in our spare time by monetizing our hobbies. However, it takes time, effort and some investment, whether financial or your time to turn a hobby into a side income.

So before diving into profitable hobbies, consider whether turning your hobby into a money making idea fits your lifestyle and income goals well. Pursuing a hobby for fun or money is a personal choice. If you need cash now, there are better plans for you; however, if you are starting and want to grow the business over time from a side hustle to your full-time job, this may work for you.

Deciding If Your Leisure Hobbies Can Be Monetized

If you try to monetize your hobby choose a hobby you are passionate about, as creating a business from this hobby means you will be deep diving into the topic. It is also imperative to maintain other hobbies in your life if you want to turn one of your hobbies into a business so that you are freely enjoying all leisure pursuits and your life is well-rounded. 

Evaluate Your Hobby

Evaluate how much time you can spend on your new business and how much money you want to make before jumping into any income potential ideas. Research and find profitable niche markets or online platforms that make sense for your hobby because if you are only focused on one aspect of your hobby that you can monetize, then the potential may not be worth it. 

Customer Base

Consider the customer base of your hobby. The income potential of your hobby will largely depend on how many people are willing to pay for it. 

So, take your hobby and narrow down your leisure pursuit to various sub-components, as this will help you decide the true potential for monetizing and will be what stands out in the market and attract customers willing to pay for your specific skillset on a particular sub-component. For example, if your hobby is pottery, your sub-niches may include one or all of the following or may have other aspects not listed:

  • pottery for kids
  • types of pottery-earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, clay
  • tools and equipment
  • decorative items
  • functional items
  • glazing and unglazed pieces

Income Streams

Brainstorm ways to make money from your hobby, then review the skills and costs of each potential income source and determine which one best fits your needs and interests. For example, will your hobby be best represented and helpful to others through online courses, eBooks, and digital products? Is offering your services by freelancing, through a website, or affiliate marketing best? Finally, look at the income potential of your hobby by researching the market to see what others are charging for products or services related to your hobby.  

Using the pottery example again, you could potentially earn income by doing the following:

  1. ECourses and in-person courses- showing tools, clays, how-to-do, lighting, machinery, techniques etc.
  2. Afilliate marketing-create a website discussing the tools and selling products.
  3. Podcast-discussing methods and issues
  4. Create products to sell in an online store or at the local flea market

Once you decide on a profitable niche, it’s time to make money from your hobby. Now you need to do further evaluation and research to see how much money is required to start and sustain your hobby business and ensure it doesn’t become too time-consuming or expensive.

With creativity and determination, anyone can make extra income from hobbies.

Setting A Price & Collecting Payments

Setting the price and collecting payments for your knowledge and experience is always challenging for beginners.  

Setting Price

Begin by researching the current rates of the type of service/course you want to set up in your area. When deciding your rate, consider the cost of living, overhead, and the time needed to complete a project and determine what competitors charge for similar services. Then, begin by offering the services/course at a lower rate to build a following, so start with reasonably priced services and increase prices over time.

Payment Collection

You can use online marketplaces like Etsy to sell your products and collect payments for your hobby-based business, or you can create an online store and enable payments through an online payment system such as PayPal. This way, you don’t have to handle the money side of running your business yourself.

If you monetize your blog via Ezoic or your YouTube channel has a following that brings you in money, you can collect money from the platforms by offering services, products, or advertisements.  

You can also set up subscription services or membership sites to collect customer payments.  

Best Leisure Hobbies To Make Money

All hobbies can make money, from freelancing to building an audience; there is potential to make money from various hobbies.

Some of the best hobbies to make money include writing, photography, yoga, meditation, writing, editing, audio production, voice acting, dancing, knitting, sewing, jewelry-making, pottery-making, painting, and yoga. These hobbies require skill-based efforts and can help you develop your creative side. You can also create products for these leisure hobbies and generate income by selling your products online or at conventions. Perhaps you are into Luxurious & Expensive Leisure Pursuits like the ones in our guide.

Each of these industries has its niche and ways of making money. Therefore, it’s important to diversify income sources and find something that best fits your interests and abilities.


Photography is a great way to make money online by selling high-quality photos to stock photography sites. These platforms often charge money for using their photos, which can make extra income on top of your freelance income.

Alternatively, photographers can make extra money by selling their prints online on platforms like Etsy or ImageKind, which requires a time and money investment, but it can be profitable.


Sewing can be an excellent way to make money, potentially earning a significant income through custom clothing and alterations. Selling sewing patterns can also be an effective way of making money, with one couple earning over $50,000 monthly from their online store. In addition, Word-of-mouth advertising can be an effective way to market a sewing business, with many companies reaching success in this way. 

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is one of the newer moneymaking leisure hobbies, with business owners and freelancers hiring social media managers to manage their social media accounts, such as becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, a Facebook Ads Manager, or an influencer.

To get started, create a website to showcase your services and reach potential clients. You need to understand the latest internet trends and a large social media following to succeed in this hobby and be consistent and creative with your online marketing strategies.  

What is the highest paying hobby?

Skills-based leisure hobbies such as photography, writing, editing, audio production, voice acting, and dancing can be great moneymaking activities if turned into service-based businesses. Depending on the niche and level of experience, these hobbies can pay up to $100 per hour or more.

What hobby is trending now?

Cooking and driving services like Uber Eats and Lyft have seen an uptick in demand and make great leisure hobbies with income-making potential.

What are some of the best places to sell my services?

You have several great options to make money online by selling your services. For example, create your WordPress or Shopify site or sell on marketplaces like Amazon, Esty, eBay, Fiverr, Craigslist, or Kijiji.    

How can I ensure that my hobby-related business is successful?

If you want your hobby-related business to be successful, you need to ensure that you are strategic and consistent in your efforts and make sure that you set realistic expectations for yourself when it comes to the time commitment and effort required.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless, whether you’re interested in photography, sewing, cooking, or deep sea diving. Any hobby can become a successful income stream with the right amount of time and effort.

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