How To Manifest A Better Life This Year

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If you’re looking to make changes to your life, the power to do it lies entirely within you. Everything you need is inside of you to manifest a better life.

By harnessing the power of your mind and getting clear on what you want, even your most important goals are within reach. Manifestation can feel daunting and confusing when you’re first getting started.

How To Manifest – Positive Vibes Only

Focus on positivity is key, which may sound overly simple; however, you have to focus on positivity to manifest better things for yourself. While it’s impossible to ensure that every thought you have is positive, it’s essential to make an effort to think positively and have a strategy to redirect negativity.

When thought patterns shift into feelings of lack for the things you haven’t yet manifested, flip the script on those thoughts to focus on how you’re going to get there. Let the journey to the goal motivate you rather than bring you down.Your goal of a better life is important to you.

So whether it’s that you want to manifest a new job, a romantic partner, a big raise, better health, or anything else you strongly desire, you have to believe that it’s possible for you. Even if what you want to manifest for yourself feels out of reach or impossible, never let yourself think that.

Only speak and think about it as if whatever you want is a given. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. If you are open and genuinely believe in your ability to manifest what you want, the universe will make it so, which is the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction.

The universe listens to everything you put out into it via your thoughts, so make sure your thoughts are positive and affirm your goals. Simple to write down and understand; however, the practical application is a daily and sometimes minute-by-minute action process.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

When trying to manifest significant changes in your life, doing it alone can work. However, you will achieve your dreams faster and more significantly if you have a support system that will motivate you and help you focus even when times get tough.

You don’t want to pick just anyone to bring into your inner circle when working hard on your manifestation.  Those you choose to surround yourself with matter immensely during these phases of life as your circle significantly influences your thoughts, both negatively and positively. If you are ready to manifest big things and radiate positive energy, you will likely first manifest a group of positive people with that energy or goal.

Talking with others on the same path as yourself is positive and provides you with a network of like-minded people.  Once you’ve locked in your positive vibes and found your tribe of people who are in the same manifestation mode in their life or at the very least are supportive of your journey, you will be unstoppable.

Get Creative

Manifestation is one of the areas in life where you genuinely want to think big. When you think you’ve thought big enough, think even bigger. You are using the power of your focus and the support of the universe to call in what you want, so get clear and creative. When you are manifesting, shoot for the moon.

You want to put your big, scary goals out there in the universe and put the powers of your belief in yourself behind it. It is possible if you can think about it and commit to working towards it.

Manifesting a better life for yourself is not a time to limit the possibilities. Think about what you want down to the most minute details. Allow your childhood creativity to come back and go wild, thinking about and feeling within yourself how life would be with everything you want.

If you are manifesting a new job, write out the job description and salary you want. If it’s a new home, spend time imagining what every single room looks like in detail. If you’re going to call in a new romantic partner into your life, write out a list of the qualities that you would find in that person.

The universe works best with specifics, so get crystal clear on what it is that would make your life better and ask for it.

Visualize It

It’s easy to come up with a grand idea of things you want to manifest to make a better life for yourself, but sometimes you lose steam as time goes on. It happens, life is busy, and it’s easy to forget what we dreamed up for ourselves when we were feeling positive and creative.

A great way to keep your big manifestation goals front and center in your mind and help you get there faster is to create a visual representation of the things you want. For example, create a vision board, a mantra written on a sticky note, or an item that reminds you of the goal. A vision board is a fun project, encouraging you to focus on what you want.

Start by flipping through magazines or searching images on the internet that illustrates what you’re trying to manifest and cut or print them out. Once you have a collection of images and words that embody what it is you’re trying to manifest for your life, stick them on a piece of paper, poster board, or in a picture frame.

Place the finished product in a place you will see, such as your bedroom wall, the fridge, or your bathroom. Whether you make an elaborate vision board or gather a few pictures, words, or write a mantra on a piece of paper, spend some time with it daily.

First, meditate in front of it. Then, repeat it to yourself as you’re brushing your teeth or driving to work. The repeated action of seeing things that represent what you are trying to manifest will help you keep your thoughts aligned with your goals.

The more you focus on manifesting in your everyday life, the quicker you will become aligned with having the item in your life.

Trust Yourself

Sometimes manifestation is quick work, and the universe delivers in perfect timing. Other times though, manifestation can take a while.

Whether your manifestation comes immediately or years from now, neither is right nor wrong so avoid judging yourself or determining your worth based on the outcome. Instead, what is important is to trust in yourself and your ability to make these things happen.

It can be frustrating to put your all into manifesting a better life when you don’t see change right away. You are a hard worker, placing great effort in changing thought patterns, building a support group of like-minded people, and working on your goals.

So Why Isn’t It Happening Yet?

If your manifestation is not happening, try not to be discouraged. In choosing to be positive, many have never honestly looked at or dealt with the negative parts of themselves. Instead, they have stuffed the negative away.

Stuffing the negative and not dealing with the issues and resolving them can stop us from being open to the good of life, from our manifestations.

A practice of genuine gratitude is also beneficial; genuine gratitude means that you emotionally feel the thanks, grace, and love within you. Then there are times when you may hold too tight to your manifestation and need to let it go; give it a rest. For example, if you need a substantial amount of money by the following Monday and then say, well, let’s try manifesting it and think about it night and day, the good and the bad.

Each minute fluctuates between positive thought and negative thought. If your feelings range from desperation to joy to fear, you are holding on too tightly. You are not open to receiving the manifestation. The things you call in that are for you will never pass you by, but the timing is not always for you to decide. You need only to prepare yourself to receive.

Final Thought

There will be challenging moments, and when you feel like giving up because you aren’t sure it’s working for you, stay the course and trust yourself. If you can picture it for yourself, it’s possible.

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