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Kite flying is a time honoured activity that spans cultures and generations, providing joy and relaxation to anyone looking toward the sky with a colourful canvas. Creating or buying a kite to fly combines the pleasures of being outdoors with the excitement of sending a lightweight structure soaring above a perfect leisure activity. The types of kites are as varied as the people who fly them, ranging from traditional diamond kites to more elaborate stunt kites, each offering a unique flying experience.

Buying A Kite To Fly Guide

When selecting the best kite, several factors come into play to enhance the flying experience. Flying kites may have one, two or four lines attached to the kite.

  • Single line kites: Easy to fly and suitable for all ages.
  • Dual line kites: Offer more control for stunts and maneuvers.
  • Quad line kites: Provide ultimate control but require experience.

Material quality is paramount; a durable kite that can withstand wind and the occasional crash will serve fliers well. 

  • Sail: Usually made from nylon or polyester.
  • Frame: Fiberglass or carbon are standard options.

The design also affects performance; some shapes are better for steady, high-flying action, while others are built for agility and tricks. The ease of assembly and portability also influence your choice, especially for those who wish to travel with their kites to different locations.

  • Smaller kites are generally faster and more responsive.
  • Larger kites offer a more stable flight but require more wind.
  • The shape also impacts stability and ease of control.

Safety should always be a consideration, particularly the strength and quality of the kite’s line and the ease of controlling the kite in varying wind conditions. We always recommend reading the manufacturer’s guidelines on wind range and flying techniques to avoid accidents.

  • Each kite has a specified wind range for optimal flying.
  • Ensure the wind range matches the typical conditions in your area.

Other features that will enhance your flying experience are available as well.

  • Tails: Add stability and visual appeal.
  • Handles and Lines: Should be comfortable and have appropriate strength.

The key is to choose a kite that matches your skill level and the wind conditions of your flying location.

Top Kites for Sky High Fun

We have searched high and low to bring you a curated selection of the best kites. Whether you are a beginner looking for reliable stability or an experienced flyer pursuing a high-performance model, our list covers many styles and designs. Each kite we’ve chosen stands out for its quality, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. Let’s help you find the perfect match for breezy adventures and sky-bound enjoyment.

Honbo Eagle Kite

This kite offers an exceptional balance of ease of use and durability, making it a suitable choice for enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Impressive flight stability and ease of handling
  • Resilient materials and construction
  • Swift assembly and convenient portability


  • The eyelet for the string may lack durability
  • It may require optimal wind conditions to perform the best
  • Metal rings could pose a risk of tearing the fabric

When soaring through the skies on our latest beach trip, we came to appreciate the Honbo Eagle Kite’s design, tailored for users of varying expertise. Its 73-inch wingspan and detailed eagle pattern left us in awe as it elegantly mimicked the majestic bird it modelled after. The intuitive design made getting the kite airborne straightforward, even for novices.

The kite proved itself not just as a one-time amusement but as a durable companion for many outings. The polyester fabric and fibreglass construction withstood the buffeting winds without showing signs of stress. Moreover, the provided swivel on the 200ft line kept the kite stable and twist-free during flight.

Disassembling the Honbo Eagle Kite was a breeze when our fun day concluded. It effortlessly folded down, fitting into the accompanying polyester bag, ensuring that we could transport it back home without any hassle, ready for the next exhilarating flight. The kite left us blessed with cherished moments of bonding and laughter, underlining its worth as more than just a toy.

We confidently recommend the Honbo Eagle Kite to anyone looking to elevate their kite-flying experience with a reliable and visually striking kite. Whether you’re planning a family outing or a solo escape, this kite is poised to provide hours of enjoyment.

Velots Rainbow Kite

We took this kite for a spin, and it’s a perfect fit for anyone looking for easy flying and bright colours in the sky.


  • Launches easily in a variety of winds
  • Durable material with a simple assembly process
  • Includes a portable storage bag for convenience


  • It may require careful handling to avoid damage
  • The string and handle may eventually need an upgrade
  • Instructions might be missing, though the setup is intuitive

The Velots Rainbow Kite caught our eye with its vivid hues and impressive wingspan. It’s quite the sight against a clear blue sky. During our time with it, we found it lifted off without a fuss, even in a gentle breeze. With its solid frame, the assembled kite seemed sturdy in hand.

Launching the kite was a highlight of our beach day. Kids and adults alike were able to join in, making it a real family affair. The long, flowing tail added a dramatic flair to its flight. When it was time to pack up, we were grateful for the included storage bag, allowing us to stow the kite away neatly.

In our experienced hands, the kite fared well during its flights, but we can’t help thinking that a rough landing could challenge its resilience. We noticed the handle and string are decent for beginners, but they might not withstand the ambitions of a more seasoned kite enthusiast. Nevertheless, this didn’t detract from the immediate thrill of getting it up in the air.

We have flown our fair share of kites, and the Velots Rainbow Kite offers a mix of accessible fun and aesthetic pleasure. It caters well to first time flyers while capturing the charm kite enthusiasts look for. 

Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite

We think the Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite offers a blend of ease and fun for kids and adults, making it a superb choice for family activities.


  • It unfolds quickly and soars with minimal effort, even for the inexperienced.
  • Comes with all the accessories required for immediate enjoyment.
  • Large size and colourful ribbons enhance visibility and aesthetic appeal in the sky.


  • Material may not withstand rough handling typical of vigorous kite-flying conditions.
  • It may require additional weight or tail adjustments in strong winds.
  • The string and handle may feel basic and could benefit from an upgrade.

The joy of flying a kite is timeless, and the Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite taps into this joy with its user friendly design. We noticed right away how simple it was to get this kite airborne. It has bright colours and a large silhouette that cuts an impressive figure against the blue of the sky.

As we navigated the breezes, the kite was responsive and manageable. How stable it remained was awe-inspiring, hovering without much need for control adjustments. The attached ribbons added a delightful flair, dancing and flickering as we maneuvered the kite through the air.

We appreciated a no-fuss setup; unpack, assemble, and you’re ready to go. This feature alone is a huge plus for those spontaneous trips to the park or beach where you want maximum fun with minimal setup time.

While the Mint’s Colorful Life Kite is generally robust, avoiding those days with particularly rough winds is best. 

Our team thoroughly enjoyed testing this kite, feeling like kids again as we watched it glide and dip. Whether planning a family outing or simply looking to relive the simple pleasures of childhood, the Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite is an excellent pick with a few caveats that are easy to overlook in light of the overall fun it provides.


We recommend this kite as a beautiful choice for anyone keen to enjoy the simple pleasure of kite flying, whether young or simply young at heart.


  • Effortlessly takes to the sky even in minimal winds
  • The vibrant design captures the eye and stands out at any beach or park
  • Intuitive assembly, which translates to more time flying and less time fiddling


  • The included handle may not be the sturdiest, especially in stronger gusts
  • Fabric durability is good but might not endure rough, frequent use
  • Requires gentle handling to maintain shape and performance over time

We recently decided it was time to break away from screens and enjoy a sunny day outdoors. The AGREATLIFE Rainbow Kite seemed like the perfect companion for such adventures. It’s hard to miss the burst of colour this kite brings to the sky. It unfolds into a large, eye-catching display that begs to be flown.

The assembly couldn’t have been more straightforward. We had the kite up and ready in a breeze, and true to its promise, it took off with only a tiny whisper of wind. There we were, with smiles all around, as our Rainbow Kite danced above us.

We appreciated its forgiving nature, as even the inexperienced among us could easily manage its controls. Yet, that simplicity did leave us longing for a bit more robustness in the handle and string after a strong gust tested our grip.

Mint’s Colorful Life Eagle Kite

For a blend of easy assembly, magnificent flight, and eye-catching design, this kite is a must-have for family outings.


  • Remarkably stable in flight with a striking presence
  • Assembles with minimal fuss and is effortlessly operational
  • Fabricated from durable materials that weather well against the elements


  • It might be too large for younger children to handle comfortably
  • Requires a moderate breeze to soar optimally
  • A single-line kite may not suffice for experienced flyers seeking complex maneuvers

Seeing the Bald Eagle Kite from Mint’s Colorful Life take to the skies with such ease was incredibly satisfying. The recent redesign pays off; it’s visibly more stable in the air, even with only a light breeze to support it. Our experience confirmed that the kite’s balance and flight capabilities are perfectly tuned and suitable for both children and adults. Its assembly was a breeze, with simple instructions and a quick line attachment through the provided clasp.

The kite’s materials are top-notch. The 210T Ripstop Nylon isn’t just for show; it’s light yet robust, lifted effortlessly aloft, and the print quality catches the eye when it catches the sun. During our beach day, the kite was a true performer. Even when the breeze picked up, the Mint’s Colorful Life Kite remained undaunted, showcasing its resilience and superior build.

Bring this kite along for a family vacation. We found it incredibly compact. Despite its significant 78-inch wingspan, it folds away into an 18-inch pack bag. Out of the bag, you’re ready to fly in moments, and the provided 300ft string ensures a spectacular view once airborne. Watching our kite maintain its flight, dominating the skyline, was a thrill that lasted all afternoon.

We confidently recommend this Bald Eagle Kite for its hassle-free setup, impressive flight, and the excitement it brings to a day at the beach or park. It’s a solid investment into outdoor fun that we found to be worth the money and the time.

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