Leisure Growth

Leisure growth is a process that requires each of us to look at who we truly are physically, emotionally, and spiritually to help us live our best lives.

Key falling into a hand

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

A belief is a powerful component of your mind, the conviction that something is true, even with little to no evidence.

Footprints in the sand

How to Take the Feeling of Inspiration and Put It into Action

How to take the feeling of inspiration and put it into action is one of the most profound growth opportunities any of us have.

Hearing frequency

Powerful Healing Frequencies

Using different tones and powerful healing frequencies sound can be used to target specific areas within our body, such as the nervous system or the immune system to heal or strengthen them.

Mind vs Body scale

Emotions And The Connection To Body Sensations

When we explore strong emotions and the connection to body sensations we find that the emotional and physical systems are closely interconnected.


Does Procrastination Affect Negative Thoughts?

Procrastination is when we put a task off that we know we have to do. It usually is when something seems tedious, complicated, or time-consuming that we tend to procrastinate.

The Difference Between Intuition And Feelings

The difference between intuition & feelings: feelings are experienced and dissipate, intuition is your subconscious telling you something.

Weighted Blankets Do They Work?

The answer to the question – weighted blankets do they work is a resounding yes.

Gold fish in a bowl

Do Fish Help Relieve Depression and Anxiety?

Do fish help relieve depression and anxiety? Yes.

Create A Personal Zen Space

It is so crucial to create a personal Zen space for washing away the noise and negativity of modern life. 

Best Nutrition For Your Mental Health

The best nutrition for your mental health is to abstain from chemical compounds in our diet that influence the way our feeling surface.

How Exercise Helps Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation

Exercise helps anxiety, depression, dissociation and improves sleeping patterns. It helps you have sharper memories, which increases your overall well being and strengthens your self-esteem.

Why Diffuser’s Are Better Than Candles

Diffuser’s are better than candle as they allow the use of many scents and are safer.